Colorful Potato Pancakes

Colorful Potato Pancakes

by Wanshanhong

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I especially like to make pancakes for breakfast. The ingredients are rich and easy to make, and my family also likes to eat them. Today I got up early in the morning to make pancakes. In order to have more nutrition, I used five kinds of red, yellow, green, black and white ingredients, so I named Wucai Pancakes. Because there are children in the family, the taste of pancakes is relatively light. The pancakes are made using my learn-to-cook Melaleuca pan. This pan is non-stick. It is not only easy to make Melaleuca, but also convenient to make pancakes. The key is that it does not stick and the pancakes made are well formed. Recently, my sweets are relatively controlled, so I often use it to make pancakes, egg rolls and other dishes.


Colorful Potato Pancakes

1. Peel potatoes and rub shreds. Use grating to rub the flat shreds of the board, so that the shreds are softer and easier to shape.

Colorful Potato Pancakes recipe

2. Finely chop sweet pepper and black fungus.

Colorful Potato Pancakes recipe

3. Put potato shreds, sweet pepper and black fungus in a basin, add eggs, chopped green onions and put them in.

Colorful Potato Pancakes recipe

4. Add salt and five-spice powder.

Colorful Potato Pancakes recipe

5. Add flour

Colorful Potato Pancakes recipe

6. Mix evenly into a paste, you can add water to adjust the consistency

Colorful Potato Pancakes recipe

7. Add a little oil to the frying pan, add a little heat to a small fire, don't overheat the pan, just heat it slightly. Pour the pancake batter and spread it flat, and put the sliced okra on top

Colorful Potato Pancakes recipe

8. Turn it over after one side is set, and fry until golden on both sides

Colorful Potato Pancakes recipe

9. Cut into pieces after frying.

Colorful Potato Pancakes recipe

10. My little baby loves to eat avocados, so I cut some avocados for him to eat. The way the little guy eats is different from that of the adults. My son likes to eat it with ketchup, while the little guy eats it with pancakes and avocado. Anyway, he likes to eat

Colorful Potato Pancakes recipe


Potatoes also have a lot of starch in them, so the flour is less than usual when making pancakes.


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