Crab Tofu Soup

Crab Tofu Soup

by Pomegranate tree 2008

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This time of the year is when the crabs are the most plump. There are many types of crabs. For example, the most common among us is sea crabs. There are swimming crabs, crabs, red crabs, and river crabs. ...As a seaside person, I like eating crabs from the sea, because they will taste fresher. Have you ever had Xiaohuagai crab soup? Fresh, ready for dinner.


Crab Tofu Soup

1. First prepare the required ingredients. Use a brush to clean the shell and belly of the crab, and then rinse it with clean water repeatedly until there is no sediment.

Crab Tofu Soup recipe

2. North tofu is used for tofu, because it is more resistant to cooking. Cut it into small pieces, the size of which is similar to a finger. It is too big and difficult to taste, and it is too small and easy to break. If you use internal fat tofu or Japanese Don’t put tofu in the pot at the beginning,

Crab Tofu Soup recipe

3. Also cut off the bottom of the enoki mushroom, tear it apart by hand, and rinse it off with clean water.

Crab Tofu Soup recipe

4. Next, put the tomato sauce, oyster sauce, salt, chicken essence and sugar in a bowl, then add half a bowl of water and mix well.

Crab Tofu Soup recipe

5. Put the tofu into the cauldron of the Qiao Ke Desweet Rice Cooker, then place the enoki mushrooms, and finally put the crab on the top, pour in the well-stirred sauce. If you feel that there is little soup, you can add some water , It’s enough to not have the crabs covered with flowers,

Crab Tofu Soup recipe

6. Cover the lid of the Qiao Ke, turn on the power and select the nutritional steaming function. After observing the SAIC, the countdown will start. The display is 30 minutes. The Huali tofu soup does not need to be boiled for that long. You can turn off the power in about 8 minutes.

Crab Tofu Soup recipe

7. Turn on the Qiao Ke Desugared Rice Cooker and cook the delicious Hua Gai Tofu Soup, which is delicious and delicious.

Crab Tofu Soup recipe


1. Huagai crabs are not big in size, but they taste very delicious. They are especially suitable for boiling soup, but be sure to use a brush to clean the shell before boiling the soup, otherwise the soup will not taste good if there is mud in the soup.

2. There are many choices of tofu. If you choose northern tofu, which has a soft and hard texture, you can cook it with the crabs from the beginning. If you choose tofu with internal fat or Japanese tofu, which is softer and tender, you should Add it after boiling, and the cooking time should not be too long, otherwise it will break and become unformed.


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