Crispy Soy Milk Dregs Omelette

Crispy Soy Milk Dregs Omelette

by Jiejie's Food Diary

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Everyone has drunk soymilk. Most of the soymilk ground by the soymilk machine needs to filter out the soymilk dregs. Many friends throw away the soymilk dregs. The taste of soymilk dregs is rough and not delicious. In fact, the soymilk dregs contain a lot of The nutritional value of dietary fiber and protein is not lower than that of soybean milk. It is a pity that the soybean milk residue is lost. It is best to eat the food with the meat to ensure the nutritional integrity of the food.
Today I will share with you a delicacy made with soy milk residue, which is used to make egg cakes. The egg cakes made with soy milk residue are crispy and delicious. The taste is very similar to those made with high-gluten flour. It contains very high protein. The last bowl of soy milk was perfect. Let me share with you the specific cooking methods below.


Crispy Soy Milk Dregs Omelette

1. Soy milk has a very good function. Choose thick soy milk. The ground soy milk residue will be very fine, the soy milk is rich, and the egg cake tastes better.

Crispy Soy Milk Dregs Omelette recipe

2. Add flour and an egg to the soy milk residue, add chopped green onion, slowly add an appropriate amount of water and halve it evenly with a whisk to adjust the proper consistency.

Crispy Soy Milk Dregs Omelette recipe

3. Add a little salt and chicken essence and stir well.

Crispy Soy Milk Dregs Omelette recipe

4. Heat a non-stick pan and pour oil, add the batter and turn the pan to coat all sides with flour. Use a spatula to spread the surface evenly.
The two sides of the small and medium torch pancakes are fried and browned. You can cover the pot and simmer for a while in the middle, and be careful not to fry.

Crispy Soy Milk Dregs Omelette recipe

5. The delicious omelet with soy milk residue is ready, and the soy milk residue is added to it, which tastes crispy and tender, just like the egg omelet I made with high-gluten flour before.

Crispy Soy Milk Dregs Omelette recipe


When grinding soymilk, choose thick soymilk. The ground soymilk is very fine and does not taste rough at all. Eggs and chopped green onion are added inside, and the fried cakes are very fragrant. Soy milk residue can also make a lot of delicious food, and I will continue to share it with you in the future.


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