Crucian Tofu Soup

Crucian Tofu Soup

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Broadly speaking, crucian carp tofu soup belongs to the category of Cantonese cuisine. Think about it, too, such a light, refreshing, low-salt, nutritious soup, indeed, has the style of Cantonese cuisine. Even the most ordinary crucian tofu soup can not be underestimated. It represents the taste of home. In addition, it also has a very good breast-stimulating effect, mothers-to-be and breastfeeding mothers, hurry up to learn ~ super simple and effective~


Crucian Tofu Soup

1. Fry crucian carp until golden on both sides, remove and set aside

2. In another casserole, put the fried crucian carp

Crucian Tofu Soup recipe

3. Pour enough boiled water at once

4. Bring the fire to the boil, add ginger slices, pour some cooking wine, and cook for a little longer after boiling

5. Cut soft tofu carefully

Crucian Tofu Soup recipe

6. When the crucian carp is boiled loosely and the soup is completely white, add the soft tofu to medium heat and cook until there are holes on the surface of the soft tofu

7. Add appropriate amount of sugar to make fresh (you can leave it alone), season with salt, turn off the heat and sprinkle with chopped chives.

Crucian Tofu Soup recipe
Crucian Tofu Soup recipe


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