Crystal Fried Bun

Crystal Fried Bun

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Shuijianbao is a kind of special snack. Add water during the frying process and cook while steaming. The small steamed buns slowly mature, the bottom is crispy, the steamed buns are soft, and the inner fillings are delicious. It is one of people's favorite delicacies. . I made this crystal fried bun on the basis of the fried bun. The bottom of the bun is not only crispy, but also has a beautiful crystal edge. It tastes crisp and fragrant. This kind of fried bun is full of fragrance, which guarantees you. I want to eat when I smell it, and I want to eat it when I eat it, haha, that's how I learned how to make it when I was so greedy.

Crystal Fried Bun

1. Ingredients: flour, yeast powder, leeks, eggs, shiitake mushrooms.

Crystal Fried Bun recipe

2. After mixing the yeast powder and water, add the flour to the dough to make a softer dough, and cover the lid for proofing.

Crystal Fried Bun recipe

3. Finely chop the leeks, cut the mushrooms into small cubes, and scramble the eggs into pieces.

Crystal Fried Bun recipe

4. Add 6 grams of camellia seed oil to the leeks and stir evenly. Put the oil first to prevent water from the leeks.

Crystal Fried Bun recipe

5. Add shiitake mushrooms, eggs, light soy sauce, dark soy sauce, steamed bun seasoning powder, sesame oil and salt, and mix into fillings for later use.

Crystal Fried Bun recipe

6. After the dough is fermented, knead the dough to exhaust air, knead the long strips, and divide them into small doughs.

Crystal Fried Bun recipe

7. Knead the small dough round and roll the skin, wrap the leek stuffing, wrap it into a bun shape, let it stand for 10 minutes, the bun will be proofed.

Crystal Fried Bun recipe

8. Heat the pot, add camellia seed oil, add the buns, and fry on low heat.

Crystal Fried Bun recipe

9. When the bottom of the bun is fried until there is a yellow hard crust, turn on high heat, add water that is one-third of the bun, cover the pot and cook. When the water is steamed to dryness, pour in the water starch, and the water is steamed to dryness again, and the crystal fried bun is ready.

Crystal Fried Bun recipe

10. Come one, beautiful and delicious crystal fried buns.

Crystal Fried Bun recipe

11. Ecologically good tea oil, search for Dexi tea oil on

Crystal Fried Bun recipe


Because it is a deep-fried bun with soy sauce, the dough must be well proofed. Camellia seed oil is clear and transparent, and can be cold, fried, fried, cooked, fried, etc. Crystal lace comes from water starch. Water starch must be prepared in advance. Both sweet potato starch and corn starch are acceptable. The ratio of starch to water is about 1:10.


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