Curry Beef Balls

Curry Beef Balls

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All kinds of love for balls, this time is no exception! The curry beef ball itself is more delicious, adding a proper amount of coconut milk, the taste is richer! The method is very simple, hurry up and watch~! Haha~!


Curry Beef Balls

1. Pee cowballs and bamboo skewers are ready; cowballs can be replaced with fish balls, or all kinds of balls you like

Curry Beef Balls recipe

2. Curry and light coconut milk are also ready

Curry Beef Balls recipe

3. Put the pot on the fire, pour in water; pour in the curry powder, stir and bring to a boil

Curry Beef Balls recipe

4. Add a proper amount of salt, curry has a salty taste, so put less salt

Curry Beef Balls recipe

5. Add the right amount of granulated sugar

Curry Beef Balls recipe

6. Add the beef balls and cook for ten minutes

Curry Beef Balls recipe

7. Add light coconut milk, stir well and cook for one minute

Curry Beef Balls recipe

8. The cooked beef balls can be skewered with bamboo skewers

Curry Beef Balls recipe


1. The beef balls can be replaced with fish balls, or all kinds of balls you like;
2. Curry has a salty taste, so put less salt.


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