Curry Chicken

Curry Chicken

by amellia2

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I have been living abroad, and other dishes are fried. If I am a little tired of eating, I will make some curry from time to time. All the ingredients are bought and processed in the vegetable market. Some things in China may be difficult to find. I suggest you like to cook this dish. You can buy the finished curry powder and coconut paste in the supermarket. I have the courage to publish the recipe today. I hope everyone likes it."


Curry Chicken

1. To make curry chicken, remove the sage leaves and the top green plants to make curry paste [the green ones are relatively rare in China, so you can use it]

Curry Chicken recipe

2. Coconut meat is sold in the vegetable market. If you don’t have this, you can use coconut milk or coconut flour instead

Curry Chicken recipe

3. Add water to wash the juice out of the coconut meat and use it later

Curry Chicken recipe

4. Add oil to the wok and heat until 7 minutes hot

Curry Chicken recipe

5. Add the stir-fried curry paste and stir fry to create a fragrance

Curry Chicken recipe

6. Add the prepared chicken and stir fry

Curry Chicken recipe

7. The water that has been filled with chicken continues to cook

Curry Chicken recipe

8. When the soup is almost add Huadiao, potatoes, carrots and continue to cook for 10 minutes

Curry Chicken recipe

9. At this time, the chicken is almost ready and seasonings can be added. After the seasoning is done, you can pour in the coconut paste prepared in advance. Add the coconut paste to the boil and turn off the heat. Don't cook for too long, it will taste after too long. changed

Curry Chicken recipe

10. Haha, the fragrant chicken curry is done

Curry Chicken recipe

11. Haha, the taste is not bad,

Curry Chicken recipe

12. Upload a previous one, once it was made with curry powder, and once it was made with your own ingredients, the color and taste are different

Curry Chicken recipe


Special reminder, fresh coconut milk is more salt-absorbing, if you don’t master it, you can try it out.


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