Curry Hot Pot

Curry Hot Pot

by Eat delicious aici

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Last time my classmates came to the house, everyone ate hot pot together. It was super fun. O(∩_∩)O haha~ This time I made a curry-flavored soup hot pot, without any dipping ingredients, just cooked ingredients The taste is very strong~

Curry Hot Pot

1. Thaw the chicken breast, tear off the fascia, and pat loosely with the back of a knife

Curry Hot Pot recipe

2. Add apple cider vinegar, salt, soy sauce, cooking wine, oyster sauce, barbecue ingredients and black pepper

Curry Hot Pot recipe

3. After mixing well, marinate overnight

Curry Hot Pot recipe

4. The marinated chicken is wrapped in breadcrumbs and placed in a baking tray

Curry Hot Pot recipe

5. Preheat the oven, upper and lower fire + hot air convection 200 degrees for 25 minutes

Curry Hot Pot recipe

6. Put three bowls of water in the pot

Curry Hot Pot recipe

7. Put in a piece of old hen taste Knorr soup treasure

Curry Hot Pot recipe

8. Put in two curry cubes

Curry Hot Pot recipe

9. When the curry cubes are melted, add a little milk and the bottom of the pot is ready

Curry Hot Pot recipe

10. Cut the grilled chicken breast into pieces and prepare some ingredients you like

Curry Hot Pot recipe

11. Put the ingredients in the pot and cook, ready to eat

Curry Hot Pot recipe


1. The curry-flavored thick soup hot pot with onions, potatoes, and carrots is more flavorful.
2. The taste of the bottom of the pot is already very strong, so there is no need to add additional salt or dip in other dipping materials.
3. The standard formula of Knorr Thick Soup Bao is six bowls of water and two pieces of thick soup Bao.


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