Curry Potato Beef Balls

Curry Potato Beef Balls

by Simple 7700

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That kid in my family doesn't know how to eat spicy food, but he likes to eat curry-flavored dishes. Every curry is served.
However, my curry is not spicy, it can only be slightly spicy, but it is quite fragrant. It is good for lunch or dinner.
When I said to make curry potato beef balls, she volunteered to come and peel small potatoes. They were not big ones, but small potatoes. She would have to peel them for a long time. When they sent this dish, I thought of my kids. I will be able to see her in a few days.


Curry Potato Beef Balls

1. Cut the beef meatballs in half and change them to a knife

Curry Potato Beef Balls recipe

2. Peel and halve small potatoes

Curry Potato Beef Balls recipe

3. Heat the pan and add oil, sauté the garlic, add beef balls, and fry until the bottom of the meatballs is slightly yellow

Curry Potato Beef Balls recipe

4. Add potatoes, add salt and chicken powder, stir fry

Curry Potato Beef Balls recipe

5. Take the casserole, add some water, heat up, add beef balls and potatoes. Boil until the potatoes are delicious

Curry Potato Beef Balls recipe

6. Add the curry and cook until the curry melts

Curry Potato Beef Balls recipe

7. Potatoes and beef balls are both delicious, add the chopped green onion and turn off the heat

Curry Potato Beef Balls recipe


1. The beef ball itself has a salty taste, pay attention to increase or decrease when adding salt.
2. The curry itself is not salty. Don't put it in too early, otherwise it will become sticky.
3. When the casserole is just opened, stir it with chopsticks to avoid sticking to the pot.


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