Daisy Coconut Bread

Daisy Coconut Bread

by Soft-Ni

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This bread is good-looking, tasty and easy to make, and it is easy to knead the dough. You don't need to touch it. As long as the dough is smooth and fermented properly, you can make it!

Serving size: 4 round breads about 8cm in diameter

ps: Generally, I use kitchen scissors to make this kind of bread that needs to be cut, because it's fast and accurate! Won't stick around like a knife

Daisy Coconut Bread

1. Heat the milk or water until it is warm and not hot, add the yeast, and wait for 1-2 minutes for the yeast to be full of activity. Then mix with all the main ingredients and knead into a smooth dough.
ps: Do not pour the yeast liquid all at once, depending on the degree of dryness and wetness of the dough, increase or decrease as appropriate

Daisy Coconut Bread recipe

2. Seal the kneaded dough with plastic wrap, wait for the dough to rise to twice its size, and take it out

Daisy Coconut Bread recipe

3. Mix all the ingredients for the coconut filling into the filling
ps: The amount of coconut and whole egg liquid is only approximate. If you think the filling is relatively dry, you can add more egg liquid. If it is wet, add more coconut. I usually buy coconut powder online, because I can’t find it in local supermarkets. Don’t use coconut flour made with coconut milk. It’s a different thing.

Daisy Coconut Bread recipe

4. Divide the fermented dough into 4 portions, roll each portion into a round, wrap the right amount of filling, close the mouth, and flatten it slightly. Use kitchen scissors or a sharp knife to cut the shape like the picture. Be careful not to cut it in the middle!
ps: I usually put the dough on a piece of plastic wrap, and then cut it, so that it is better to transfer to the baking tray

Daisy Coconut Bread recipe

5. Sprinkle sesame seeds in the middle of each bread
ps: Pay attention to the sesame seeds to be pressed tightly, otherwise they will all fall out after baking. The whole-shaped bread will be fermented for about half an hour according to the fermentation method of 2.

Daisy Coconut Bread recipe

6. Put the fermented bread into the preheated 175℃ oven and bake for about 15 minutes until the bread surface is golden. ps: If you are using a small household oven, it is recommended to turn the dough 180 degrees when it is half baked, because the bread on the inside is usually colored first, so that the bread on the outside and inside can be evenly baked

Daisy Coconut Bread recipe


Tips are at the beginning of the recipe and in each step, please read carefully before asking questions~


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