Delicious Omelette

Delicious Omelette

by Constant 4637

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This cake can be said to be a nutritious breakfast for babies, supplemented with milk, fried eggs and fruits. The child goes to school every day. If Mom accidentally wakes up late one day, you can let your baby eat nourishment within 10 minutes. Breakfast, let’s learn from me, ☺!


Delicious Omelette

1. Beat the eggs

Delicious Omelette recipe

2. Add cold water and continue to break up

Delicious Omelette recipe

3. Add flour and stir

Delicious Omelette recipe

4. It looks like this after mixing the flour and egg liquid evenly

Delicious Omelette recipe

5. Then pour a small amount of steamed fish soy sauce, salt and pepper, and a small amount of table salt, and stir well

Delicious Omelette recipe

6. Add the chopped green onion, stir evenly, then turn on the fire, put a little peanut oil in the pot

Delicious Omelette recipe

7. Put a spoonful of the mixture into the pot

Delicious Omelette recipe

8. Feel that the batter underneath has formed, immediately turn to the other side, master the heat, and it will be out of the pot within 1 minute.

Delicious Omelette recipe

9. The crispy and soft omelet is ready

Delicious Omelette recipe


Note: 1. Don't put too much food, because there is salt in salt and pepper, if you don't put salt and pepper, you can add salt directly;
2. After putting the oil in the pan, it is best to move the pan. Don't just let the bottom of the pan have oil. You should spread the oil a bit larger, so as to prevent the batter from sticking to the pan if the batter is spread out and some places are not covered with oil. ;
3. When pancakes, you must master the heat. You can't use high fires. You need to alternate between medium and low fires. But most of the time, you use low fires, otherwise the cakes will batter quickly;
4. Remember, the biscuits should be eaten immediately after they are out of the pan, otherwise they won’t be crispy after a long time!


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