Double Pepper Minced Pork

Double Pepper Minced Pork

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【Shuangjiao Minced Meat】is a very simple home-cooked dish. The ingredients are very common and the method is very common. However, it is full of nutrients, which can invigorate the stomach and help digestion and improve immunity. It is most suitable for picky eaters. In addition, the ingredients in the [Double Pepper Minced Pork] are chopped up, so the child can eat it directly with a spoon, and there is no need to worry about choking~O(∩_∩)O~


Double Pepper Minced Pork

1. After the pork is chopped into meat, beat in 1 egg, add salt, and stir in a circular motion with chopsticks until the gum is glued; then add the chopped green onion, and mix well in circular motion again;

Double Pepper Minced Pork recipe

2. Remove the stems and seeds of the sweet pepper, wash and cut into dices; remove the stems of the two vitex, and chop after washing;

Double Pepper Minced Pork recipe

3. Pour corn oil in a non-stick pan and heat, add dried chilies and peppercorns and stir fry for a fragrant flavor;

Double Pepper Minced Pork recipe

4. Add meat and stir fry quickly;

Double Pepper Minced Pork recipe

5. After the meat is fried until the color changes, add Pixian bean paste and light soy sauce and stir fry evenly;

Double Pepper Minced Pork recipe

6. Then put in Erjingtiao and stir-fry until broken;

Double Pepper Minced Pork recipe

7. Then add bell peppers and continue to stir fry; when the ingredients are cooked, add salt and stir fry evenly;

Double Pepper Minced Pork recipe

8. Turn off the heat, start the pot, and the 【Double Pepper Minced Meat】is ready.

Double Pepper Minced Pork recipe


1. The seasoning can be adjusted according to personal taste;


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