Two Vitex recipes

Sour Soup Sea Bass

Sea Bass, Cherry Tomato, Chinese Cabbage

Spicy Chicken

Chicken Breast, Bell Pepper, Two Vitex

Homemade Pixian Bean Paste

Two Vitex, Salt, Shiitake Mushroom Sauce

Spicy Chicken Bone

Chicken Bone, Two Vitex, Garlic

Sour Soup with Beef

Enoki Mushroom, Shallot, Salt

Grilled Crucian Carp in Tin Foil

Crucian Carp, Beer, Pepper

Spicy Griddle Potatoes

Big Potatoes, Two Vitex, Onion

Double Pepper Minced Pork

Pork Filling, Bell Pepper, Two Vitex

Wuchang Fish with Sauce

Wuchang Fish, Corn Oil, Salt

Double Pepper Quail Eggs

Quail Eggs, Bell Pepper, Two Vitex

Hot and Sour Small Yellow Croaker

Small Yellow Croaker, Sauerkraut, Two Vitex

Tossed Eggplant

Two Vitex, Garlic, Pepper

Rotten Meat Cowpea

Cowpea, Pork (lean), Garlic

Small Fried Pork

Pork, Two Vitex, Shallots