Egg Fried Rice

Egg Fried Rice

by Rippling Sun Youcai♚  (From WeChat.)

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This egg fried rice is a lazy version, a simple version. There is no restriction on the ingredients, as long as there is rice and eggs at home. (Because I don’t have any food at home and I’m too lazy to buy it, I made it with the leftover ingredients, so be honest)


Egg Fried Rice

1. For the overnight rice in the refrigerator, add eggs and stir evenly with a spoon. Each grain is wrapped in egg liquid. I used the whole egg to stir (you can also stir with egg yolk and use it when the egg white is left behind for the fried rice. This is golden fried rice. After mixing, prepare the ingredients

Egg Fried Rice recipe

2. The kidney bean sausage was cut into small cubes, because there were no green onions at home, so I didn’t add them. (It is recommended to add some green onions to the fried rice, which is more fragrant when fried)

Egg Fried Rice recipe

3. Kidney beans must be fried for a while, because if kidney beans are not cooked well, they are easily poisoned. (Because it is a simple version, you can use peas, cucumber, carrot, garlic, all kinds of vegetables you want to eat. You can use whatever you have at home What) Fried kidney beans with sausage

Egg Fried Rice recipe

4. At this time, you can add some light soy sauce, cumin, chili oil, and stir fry (you can also add Laoganma)

Egg Fried Rice recipe

5. Add rice, this kind of fried rice is easier to operate, you don't need to stir the spoon, just stir fry on high heat. Add salt, stir fry out... a fried rice becomes

Egg Fried Rice recipe


The simple version, so what is the material?

When the rice is fried, the rice will pulsate in the wok.

Mix the egg mixture well and the fried rice will separate the grains.


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