Egg Fried Rice

Egg Fried Rice

by I'm sorry (from Tencent.)

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I often have leftovers when I eat. The longest thing I make is egg fried rice. Sometimes I cook more rice specially, and the next day egg fried rice


Egg Fried Rice

1. Mince the green onion, dice the ham, beat the eggs and add a little salt. The rice will be delicious with overnight rice.

Egg Fried Rice recipe

2. Heat the pan with oil, pour the eggs and stir-fry them into egg droplets, add the ham and stir-fry for a while, set aside.

Egg Fried Rice recipe

3. Pour the rice in the pot and stir-fry until it becomes granular. Add a little salt and stir-fry for a while. Pour the fried egg and ham. (It contains dried radish, which is crunchy and delicious)

Egg Fried Rice recipe

4. In the middle of the pot, stir fry with a little rapeseed oil, add appropriate amount of chicken essence, light soy sauce, and finally add chives.

Egg Fried Rice recipe


1. Dried radish is fried and added before. It is crispy and delicious.
2. Rapeseed oil fried rice, fragrant, beautiful and delicious.


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