Fennel Meat Fried Bread

Fennel Meat Fried Bread

by Shredded Potato Burrito

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Fennel makes dumplings and buns are very delicious, fennel likes to change the oil, so when making the stuffing, meat is used to compare the price, and the meat and fennel are used to mix the stuffing. The stuffing can hold together and does not spread, which is very good.

Let’s take a look at today’s fennel frying method with me.

Steamed buns are the most suitable for autumn. Don’t steam them. It’s better if you don’t eat them twice a week.


Fennel Meat Fried Bread

1. First face. Use 5 grams of yeast for 500 grams of flour and about 320 grams of warm water. After melting the yeast, knead the dough and make a dough.

Fennel Meat Fried Bread recipe

2. It takes about 1 hour to double the size of the dough

Fennel Meat Fried Bread recipe

3. Chop pork, add chopped green onion, pour in oyster sauce, pepper, salt, cooking oil, soy sauce and mix well. Stir in one direction

Fennel Meat Fried Bread recipe

4. Wash the fennel in advance to control the moisture when washing the fennel

Fennel Meat Fried Bread recipe

5. Finely chop the fennel, no need to chop it, just chop it directly

Fennel Meat Fried Bread recipe

6. Put the chopped fennel into the meat and mix well.

Fennel Meat Fried Bread recipe

7. After taking out the steamed dough, it is divided into small doughs, reunited, and the size is right. Roll out the skin, the skin of the skin should not be too thin, it is a little thicker than the dumpling skin.

Fennel Meat Fried Bread recipe

8. Encrusting, make buns according to the method you know

Fennel Meat Fried Bread recipe

9. Brush the pan with a layer of oil, put the raw buns in the embryo, leaving a gap

Fennel Meat Fried Bread recipe

10. Add water to a small fire, add water to the normal height of the steamed buns, cover, and fry on medium heat for about 10 minutes. The water is dry and there is a little steam left. Continue heating until the bottom of the steamed buns is slightly charred.

Fennel Meat Fried Bread recipe

11. Finally, if the water is fried, you can get it out of the pot.

Fennel Meat Fried Bread recipe


When you start to fry, don't cook on high heat. Fry slowly on low heat. Observe in time. You can add water when you see the slightly charred bottom of the buns. Add boiling water. The cold water still has a boiling process.

Finally, the steamed buns should be fried and steamed when boiling.


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