Fresh Scallop Soup

Fresh Scallop Soup

by Bean Emperor Boiled

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Light, sweet, appetizing and nutritious.


Fresh Scallop Soup

1. Fresh straw mushrooms are washed to remove the black roots

Fresh Scallop Soup recipe

2. Cut into half and divide into four

Fresh Scallop Soup recipe

3. White radish peeled and diced

Fresh Scallop Soup recipe

4. Soak and wash the scallops half an hour to one hour in advance

Fresh Scallop Soup recipe

5. Put ginger in a pot and boil it in water

Fresh Scallop Soup recipe

6. Boil the ingredients and season them. Just cooked white radish

Fresh Scallop Soup recipe

7. Add a few drops of sesame oil before starting the pot

Fresh Scallop Soup recipe


1. Cut white radish and be careful of your hands
2. Don't like sesame oil


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