Fried Bao

Fried Bao

by Dance of wolf

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In the morning, there are a lot of people selling breakfast on the street. These people may be the earliest, hardest and most skillful people here. I really like this lively place in the early morning. I bought a bit of breakfast here. It was delicious and not expensive, and I left to cook breakfast at home.
Walk down the street: Sichuan-style noodles, pork buns, egg-filled cakes, grits soup, tofu nao... There are always some people waiting next to each stall. The stall owner was busy with the work in his hands, looking at the pot or baking pan on the stove, and constantly socializing with these old customers.

I like to eat fried steamed buns very much. That kind of stove is called a "pan". The periphery is flat more than an inch higher than the inside. The stall owner puts the buns with various fillings in a neat stack, sprinkles the oil in a circle with a small oil pot, and waits for the oil to be eaten by the buns, and then puts the prepared thin noodles along the periphery of the pot Pour into the pot, pour about half a finger thick and cover the pot.
Listening to the croaking lala la la la la la la la la, when the sound is low, I will pour some oil in, and after a while, a fat bun with a thin squeaky squeak will be invited out... .. ."


Fried Bao

1. Preparatory work that needs to be done in advance: Soak the vermicelli in warm water, then chop it, pour it in soy sauce and pickle it for 1 hour, choose the cleaned leek and cut it into small pieces, and cut the braised pork belly into small cubes. The flour is made with yeast. Put the pickled vermicelli, leek segments, and diced pork belly in a small bowl.

Fried Bao recipe

2. Pour in two tablespoons of oil and some refined salt and mix well.

Fried Bao recipe

3. After kneading the good dough evenly and vigorously, pull it into a dough that is slightly larger than the usual dumpling agent, and roll it into thin slices.

Fried Bao recipe

4. Wrap the adjusted fillings and wrap the sides.

Fried Bao recipe

5. Sprinkle a little oil in the pan, and place the wrapped buns after the pan is hot.

Fried Bao recipe

6. After the buns are slightly set, pour the thin surface water along the side of the pot, cover the pot and turn on high heat.

Fried Bao recipe

7. When the buns are cooked and the surface water is almost dry, pour the oil in a circle and reduce the heat. Wait until the noodles are completely mashed and squeak it out.

Fried Bao recipe


Fry the buns and wait until the buns are completely squeaky and ready to be out of the pan (cover the buns with a large plate, hold the plate with your hand, and turn the pan over).

1. Soak the vermicelli in warm water and chop it up and pickle it with soy sauce. After such a vermicelli is cooked, it will be bright and fragrant.

2. The surface water should be blended as thinly as possible. When it becomes thick, it will be wrapped in a circle of batter to affect the appearance of the bun.

3. The temperature of the decoction should be controlled well, not to fry.


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