Fried Dumpling

Fried Dumpling

by Favored. Dazai.

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Dazai's gluttonous fry is not in Shanghai, nor in Shandong, but in Hangzhou. Just before Xiang’s departure to Canada, he stayed at Sanyi Jingtan’s house. In those few days, the happiest thing every morning was to go to the bun shop on the roadside and wait for the freshly baked pan-fried buns. The quality of the stuffing is not flattering, and it is bigger than the thin stuffing made by Dazai now, but it is fragrant somehow, eat one bite at a time, and swallow a dozen of them every minute. In fact, whether it is a roadside stall or a home product, Dazai always loves meat bun skins more than bun fillings, especially this kind of bun skin with thick sauce and meaty inner layer. Come up with more appropriate adjectives than "yummy".


Fried Dumpling

1. Mix the main ingredients and knead into a smooth dough.

Fried Dumpling recipe

2. Place in a warm place and ferment to 2 times the volume.

Fried Dumpling recipe

3. Add all-purpose flour① and knead until the surface is smooth.

Fried Dumpling recipe

4. Divide into small doses of about 20 g/piece and round.

Fried Dumpling recipe

5. Take a small dose and roll it out into a circle with a diameter of about 7 cm.

Fried Dumpling recipe

6. Mix the ingredients ④ and stir vigorously to form the filling. Take an appropriate amount and fill it into the center of the dough.

Fried Dumpling recipe

7. Hold the dough with one hand and turn, and with the other hand, pinch the edges to wrap it into a round bun.

Fried Dumpling recipe

8. Pinch the top interface tightly.

Fried Dumpling recipe

9. Put olive oil in the pan ②, put in the small buns, simmer and fry until the volume expands.

Fried Dumpling recipe

10. Add 1 cm high water and simmer until the water is dry.

Fried Dumpling recipe

11. Remove from heat, sprinkle in ingredients ③, simmer for 30 seconds.

Fried Dumpling recipe


The raw buns have not undergone secondary fermentation and are directly placed in the frying pan, so they are gradually heated over a low heat. After the volume expands, the heat can be increased to prevent the yeast in the bottom dough from being scalded by speed and becoming dead. Noodles affect the taste.

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