Fried rice with fried chicken, vegetables and egg

Although she didn't quite understand the little guy's love for pasta and fried rice, since she wanted to eat it, her mother made it in a different way. The rice used this time is the red bean rice leftover from the previous night, and the fried chicken is also the leftover fried chicken thigh. With the addition of home-made ingredients such as eggs, small greens, onions and carrots, they are rich in nutrition and taste, and they are also very delicious.







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How to Make It

1. Wash the cabbage and remove the roots. After blanching, squeeze the water and chop. Dice onions and carrots, and dice fried chicken thighs
2. Add salt to the eggs, stir-fry them in a non-stick pan over low heat until 8 mature eggs are broken, set aside
3. Heat oil in a pan and saute carrots and diced onions. The carotene that has been fried in oil is easier to absorb, and the onion will have a slightly sweet taste after being fried and it is also delicious
4. Add the rice and use a spatula to shovel the agglomerated part into pieces
5. Add chopped green cabbage and salt, stir-fry well and add chopped egg
6. Pour in the fried chicken diced and stir fry quickly
7. Add appropriate amount of soy sauce to the side of the pan before serving, stir-fry and serve.
1. Chinese cabbage can be replaced with other green leafy vegetables, rape, cucumber and the like.
2. The fried chicken is cooked and has crispy skin. Add it in the last step and fry it out of the pan, otherwise the skin will not be crispy after a long time.
3. If the overnight rice is hard, add a little water, but keep in mind that the amount of water is small, otherwise the fried rice will tend to clump and taste bad.