Fried Rice with Ham

Fried Rice with Ham

by Yu 2772

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This time the egg fried rice puts a lot of vegetables, because there is a vegetable tiger in my family.


Fried Rice with Ham

1. Cut the washed vegetables, onions and ham into pieces, fry the eggs until they turn yellow, and put the fried eggs into a bowl separately

Fried Rice with Ham recipe

2. I use a frying pan to fry, because the wok is always battered, so heat up the pan first to oil it. I always use a low fire. Then put in the rice, fry the rice a little bit non-sticky, you can add more oil.

Fried Rice with Ham recipe

3. When the rice is fried almost (not large and sticky), add the prepared vegetables and stir fry together. When stir fry, add the appropriate ingredients and continue to stir fry.

Fried Rice with Ham recipe

4. When the rice is separated and the vegetables are cooked, it can be cooked!

Fried Rice with Ham recipe

5. Put the fried egg fried rice in a bowl and start eating

Fried Rice with Ham recipe


Put more oil if the rice is not sticky


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