Fried rice with shredded beef and egg







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How to Make It

1. Rice, beef shreds, 3 eggs.
2. Beat the eggs into a bowl, add salt, and use chopsticks to beat them evenly and set aside. Put 3 tablespoons of oil in the pot to heat, pour in the egg liquid, and stir the eggs with a spatula until they solidify into egg lumps. Do not fry. The time is too long, just solidify. So that the fried eggs are the same tender inside and outside, then take the eggs out of the pan and set aside
3. Put a little bottom oil in the pan, pour the oil into the silky beef and fry it, then add a little salt, soy sauce, and cooking wine to stir fry for a few times.
4. Leave proper oil in the pot, pour in the rice, and stir-fry the rice. It is best to use rice overnight, so that the water in the rice is not much and it is easy to fry.
5. Add the frangipani and beef shreds, add some salt and stir fry for a few times.
6. It's better to sprinkle some chopped green onion to serve