Fried Small Crucian Carp

Fried Small Crucian Carp

by Haitian Yishi 6305

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Some relatives in the countryside brought some small crucian carp caught in the river. The small ones are really not good for burning. Thinking about deep-frying, it will be crispy and charred. You can eat it with the bones. Really Played the role of calcium supplement, haha!


Fried Small Crucian Carp

1. The small crucian carp is descaled, viscera and gills, cleaned, and then marinated for half an hour with other ingredients except flour.

Fried Small Crucian Carp recipe

2. Put the crucian carp in the flour and roll it to dip a layer, and shake off the excess flour

Fried Small Crucian Carp recipe

3. Pour oil into the pot, turn on the high heat to 50% hot, turn to low heat, add the small crucian carp and fry slowly, after a while, open the high heat to fry the crucian carp until the surface is golden.

Fried Small Crucian Carp recipe

4. Remove the drain oil and put it on the plate

Fried Small Crucian Carp recipe

5. Finished picture

Fried Small Crucian Carp recipe


When frying, always use a low fire to fry until the inside is cooked through, and then turn on a high fire to fry the surface.


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