Fried Squid

Fried Squid

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Fried Squid

1. 1 squid, remove the visceral fascia, slice it with a cross knife and then cut into sections

Fried Squid recipe

2. Prepare half a slice of onion, 5g sliced ginger, 5g sliced green onion, 3g sliced garlic, 50g each of green and red pepper pieces

3. Boil the water, pour in the squid, blanch for 30 seconds and remove

Fried Squid recipe

4. Pour in 5ml of edible oil, add 15g of dried chili, sliced garlic, sliced ginger, 8g of Pixian bean paste, 2g of garlic chili sauce, and sauté on high heat

Fried Squid recipe

5. Pour in onion, green and red pepper, squid, add 2g light soy sauce, 3g cumin powder, 2g cooked sesame, stir-fry evenly, and serve.

Fried Squid recipe


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