Ginger Chicken Breast

Ginger Chicken Breast

by Meimeijia's Kitchen

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As the saying goes: "The rice is not fragrant, eat ginger." Using ginger as the main ingredient in the dish can relieve sweating, warm the intestines and stomach, and increase appetite. The special scent of ginger gives this dish a unique flavor. Regardless of its simplicity, the taste is really unique.
Chicken breast is relatively high in nutrients. Ginger has the effects of invigorating the stomach and helping digestion. The combination of chicken shreds and ginger shreds can stimulate the secretion of saliva, gastric juice and digestive juice, increase gastrointestinal motility and increase appetite. This dish is especially suitable for summer when the weather is hot and the appetite is poor.


Ginger Chicken Breast

1. Ingredients are ready

Ginger Chicken Breast recipe

2. Cut the chicken breast into 3-5mm thick shreds, add a little salt, and knead

Ginger Chicken Breast recipe

3. Knock the egg apart, take the egg white and pour it into the shredded pork. Grab it well to make the meat more tender and smooth.

Ginger Chicken Breast recipe

4. Then sprinkle in an appropriate amount of starch, grasp and mix evenly, set aside for sizing

Ginger Chicken Breast recipe

5. Peel the ginger and cut into filaments for later use

Ginger Chicken Breast recipe

6. Put 3 spoons in the pot, heat it to 50% heat, add the shredded pork and stir-fry until the color changes, then the shredded pork is basically mature.

Ginger Chicken Breast recipe

7. Put a little oil in the pot again, add the shredded ginger and green onion to stir fragrant

Ginger Chicken Breast recipe

8. Then add the shredded pork and fry until the shredded pork is cooked through and the ginger becomes soft

Ginger Chicken Breast recipe

9. Finally put in the soy sauce

Ginger Chicken Breast recipe

10. Stir fry until evenly colored

Ginger Chicken Breast recipe

11. Add a pinch of salt according to your taste

Ginger Chicken Breast recipe

12. Sprinkle in chopped green onion, stir evenly, and eat while it is hot, it's too fragrant.

Ginger Chicken Breast recipe


1. Choose tender ginger for ginger, which tastes tender and free of scum.
2. The skin of ginger affects the taste, try to remove it as cleanly as possible.


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