Gluten Fish Stew

Gluten Fish Stew

by Tianshan Cocoa

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"I haven't eaten fish for a while, why don't you buy fish?" This is what the wood and the aliens said at the dinner table. "I haven't eaten it for a while. I didn't eat fish for 2 days. Didn't I eat white fish the day before yesterday"? I hurriedly said, the alien said, “It’s not fresh fish, okay, it’s not delicious, it’s still fried, frozen in the refrigerator, it’s too unpalatable, it’s not fresh and delicious”, and the wood also followed the alien. The man nodded to cater from behind.

In order to prevent aliens and wood from being disgusted, I specially bought fresh silver carp, prepared to cook the fish with tofu, but the gluten left in the hot pot on the weekends, I can’t eat cold salad, so there is no other way. , I used gluten to braise the silver carp, and used the thick soy sauce to make the gluten and the silver carp stewed with a rosy and bright color and a mellow and mellow sauce. The essence of mushrooms, vegetables, and spirulina was added. Fresh, it adds freshness and aroma to this dish, it is really fragrant, and the appetite is greatly increased when you look at it. It is a good partner for eating rice.


Gluten Fish Stew

1. Main ingredients: gluten, silver carp. Accessories: vegetable oil, salt, green onion and ginger, coriander, spicy skin, thick soy sauce, cooking wine, sugar, vegetarian food

Gluten Fish Stew recipe

2. Clean the silver carp and cut into pieces, marinate in salt for 10 minutes

Gluten Fish Stew recipe

3. Wash green onion, ginger, coriander and mince, blanch the spicy skin with hot water for 1 minute, pick up, rinse and mince

Gluten Fish Stew recipe

4. Cut gluten into small thin pieces

Gluten Fish Stew recipe

5. Heat the pan with cold oil, heat 80% of the oil and fill the fish

Gluten Fish Stew recipe

6. Fry until golden brown on both sides

Gluten Fish Stew recipe

7. Set aside the fish cubes, put the green onion ginger and spicy skin into the pot, stir fry to get a fragrance, stir fry the fish cubes, green onion, ginger, and spicy skin evenly to give a fragrance

Gluten Fish Stew recipe


Gluten Fish Stew recipe

9. Add cooking wine and thick soy sauce to stir fry evenly

Gluten Fish Stew recipe

10. Add water, salt and sugar to a boil

Gluten Fish Stew recipe

11. Turn to medium-low heat and simmer for about 15 minutes. Let the gluten and fish pieces blend into each other to taste. Add vegetarian food and stir fry evenly. Sprinkle with coriander.

Gluten Fish Stew recipe


Just sprinkle with chopped coriander


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