Golden Fried Rice

Golden Fried Rice

by Always-ef

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The fusion of corn and carrot ham is not too delicious! Save the saliva!
It's simple and doesn't need too much seasoning. What you're looking for is this authentic feeling!


Golden Fried Rice

1. Put oil, garlic and carrots in the pan and stir fry

Golden Fried Rice recipe

2. Add ham and egg in turn and stir fry

Golden Fried Rice recipe

3. Finally add rice and stir fry, add sesame oil, salt, light soy sauce to taste

Golden Fried Rice recipe

4. Adjust the flavor. If there are green onions, you can put green onions to make it taste better.

Golden Fried Rice recipe


This dish is very simple, the rice will last overnight, and you can eat it when you cook it! And it's very delicious.


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