Golden Golden Claypot Rice

Golden Golden Claypot Rice

by Greedy sister-in-law Liang

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A very simple and convenient dish, but also very fragrant and very delicious


Golden Golden Claypot Rice

1. Cut the chicken into pieces and marinate for 30 minutes with soy sauce, ginger, cooking wine, salt, oil and black pepper

Golden Golden Claypot Rice recipe

2. Soak the shiitake mushrooms and cut into pieces (forgot to take pictures of Lamei, but also cut into pieces for later use)

Golden Golden Claypot Rice recipe

3. After washing the vegetables, blanch them in boiling water and remove them for later use

Golden Golden Claypot Rice recipe

4. After the rice cooker cooks for about 15 minutes, open the lid to see the water is basically absorbed, add the marinated chicken, cured meat, shiitake mushrooms, and then pour some oil on the side of the pot. It will easily get out of the rice. Boil the vegetables and simmer for another five minutes. At this time, the sauce is adjusted. Light soy sauce: 2 spoons, soy sauce: 1 spoon, sugar: 1 spoon, fuel consumption: 2 spoons, salt: 1 spoon, sesame oil: 1 spoon, water: 2 spoons, boil for sauce

Golden Golden Claypot Rice recipe

5. Pour into the rice, stir it, serve it out, and enjoy the fragrant claypot rice! If you like to eat eggs, you can also add eggs before adding vegetables!

Golden Golden Claypot Rice recipe


Simple, convenient and delicious


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