Hakka Steamed Goose

Hakka Steamed Goose

by Duoyun 3602

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At the Hakka dinner table, eating goose must be indispensable during the holidays. Hakka steamed goose is the most traditional Hakka delicacy. Every household will cook it. Although the cooking method of Hakka goose is the same, each person’s taste preferences are different. This makes the same Hakka goose delicacy, because it comes from different people, has its own different taste characteristics, and the flavoring style has its own merits, but the most important selection of ingredients is recognized, that is, Hakka native goose must be used, compared to other varieties. It is more suitable for steamed cooking. Today, this method is relatively simple, but the taste is the same, fresh and tender.


Hakka Steamed Goose

1. Empty and wash the guts of the goose

Hakka Steamed Goose recipe

2. Spread fine salt on the inside and outside and marinate for 10 minutes

Hakka Steamed Goose recipe

3. Then put a layer of light soy sauce on the surface and set aside

Hakka Steamed Goose recipe

4. Prepare the stuffing: green garlic, ginger, garlic and tempeh

Hakka Steamed Goose recipe

5. Cut the garlic into large pieces, shred the ginger, cut the stalks of the green garlic into small sections, and cut the leaves into 3 cm long sections. Separate the stalks and leaves.

Hakka Steamed Goose recipe

6. Saute garlic and ginger in a hot oil pan

Hakka Steamed Goose recipe

7. Stir fry the tempeh in the pot to taste

Hakka Steamed Goose recipe

8. Put the green garlic stems in the pot, stir fragrant and turn off the heat

Hakka Steamed Goose recipe

9. Mix in salt, sugar and oyster sauce

Hakka Steamed Goose recipe

10. Turn the garlic leaves in the pot and turn off the heat

Hakka Steamed Goose recipe

11. Stuff the stuffing into the goose belly, then stuff the goose palm into the belly

Hakka Steamed Goose recipe

12. Peel the taro and cut into large pieces

Hakka Steamed Goose recipe

13. Place the taro under the goose, place it on the steamer, cover and steam for 50 minutes, pour the juice from the stomach into the bowl after steaming, cut the goose into pieces, and pour the juice onto the surface.

Hakka Steamed Goose recipe


1. The main thing in this dish is stuffing, so the stuffing must be sautéed first to adjust the taste;
2. It is best for the native geese to weigh three or four kilograms, because the meat of overweight geese is too rough and does not have a fresh and tender taste, and the geese that are too light will easily lose oil and moisture during the cooking process and lack a fragrant taste.


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