Stewed Goose

Stewed Goose

by Son and mother

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The iron pot stewed big goose in the northeast is very famous, especially the big goose after the snow is stewed with a special fragrance, just in time for the girl's birthday, and the first half is stewed to relieve gluttons. Although there is no iron pot at home, the big goose stewed in a pressure cooker does not taste inferior at all, it is really fragrant.


Stewed Goose

1. Big goose ready

Stewed Goose recipe

2. Cut the green onion into sections and slice the ginger and prepare

Stewed Goose recipe

3. Heat the water in the pot, add the big goose pieces and blanch water

Stewed Goose recipe

4. After blanching, wash the foam on the top with water and remove the controlled dry water

Stewed Goose recipe

5. Heat oil in the pot, add green onions and ginger until fragrant, add goose and stir fry

Stewed Goose recipe

6. Add light soy sauce, pepper powder and continue to fry

Stewed Goose recipe

7. Transfer to the pressure cooker, add water, add star anise, bay leaves, salt, cover and stew goose meat, turn off the heat for 20 minutes after airing

Stewed Goose recipe

8. Sheng out the big goose

Stewed Goose recipe


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