Teriyaki Goose

Teriyaki Goose

by Zimo (Little Grassroots Family Food)

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The big goose raised by relatives in the countryside is really big and big. Looking at this goose, I was in a daze, how can I eat such a big goose? If the goose meat is not handled properly, it is especially easy to get fishy, so I use the teriyaki sauce that I used to make teriyaki duck legs to relieve the greasy and fishy. It is absolutely super delicious. You only need to learn the configuration of the teriyaki sauce, what chicken, duck, goose, and pigeon. Yes, it can be made like this, so take a look:


Teriyaki Goose

1. A big goose

Teriyaki Goose recipe

2. Cut into pieces, this is half a goose, and half a roast goose. (Repeatedly change the water, soak, remove blood water)

Teriyaki Goose recipe

3. Because this goose is relatively large, my teriyaki sauce is equipped with a larger ratio of rice spoons: 2 tablespoons and a half oyster sauce, 2 tablespoons and half light soy sauce, 2 tablespoons and a half honey, 1 tablespoon of sugar, appropriate amount of salt, then add water and stir. Evenly set aside.

Teriyaki Goose recipe

4. Add oil to the pot, when it is warm, add goose and stir fry

Teriyaki Goose recipe

5. When it's golden brown

Teriyaki Goose recipe

6. Pour in a bowl of teriyaki sauce and stir fry for a while

Teriyaki Goose recipe

7. Add warm water, the goose is big, I don’t like it cooked, I add a lot of soup (you can flexibly control the amount of water)

Teriyaki Goose recipe

8. Cover the pot, bring to a boil on high heat, and simmer on low heat

Teriyaki Goose recipe

9. Finally, the soup was collected by the fire and it was cooked.

Teriyaki Goose recipe


The ratio of teriyaki sauce is reduced according to the size of the food


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