Hakka Stir-fry

Hakka Stir-fry

by Duoyun 3602

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I like all kinds of Hakka delicacies. Today I am bringing you a Hakka dish. This dish will appear in many Hakka restaurants. The main ingredients are three-layered meat and soaked squid. Each restaurant will not change. The auxiliary materials are different. Some will be served with celery and dried fragrant, and some will be served with chili and the like, but most of them will add some Hakka rice wine to enhance the flavor. The finished product is salty and delicious, with a strong fragrance, which is very appetizing.


Hakka Stir-fry

1. Soak the dried squid in light salt water one night in advance, and soak in the refrigerator when the weather is hot.

Hakka Stir-fry recipe

2. Soak the squid with a small brush to clean the surface

Hakka Stir-fry recipe

3. Use a knife to make small grids on the surface of the squid without cutting off

Hakka Stir-fry recipe

4. Cut the squid into long strips

Hakka Stir-fry recipe

5. Wash the parsley and cut into sections, remove the seeds and cut the pepper into sections, and shred the ginger

Hakka Stir-fry recipe

6. Peel the pork belly, cook under cold water, add shredded ginger and cook until the pork belly is broken

Hakka Stir-fry recipe

7. Slice the boiled pork belly in cold water

Hakka Stir-fry recipe

8. Put a little oil in a hot pan and stir-fry the pork belly

Hakka Stir-fry recipe

9. When the pork belly is fried until the surface is golden, stir the shredded ginger in the pan and fragrant.

Hakka Stir-fry recipe

10. Then add the squid and stir fry

Hakka Stir-fry recipe

11. Add appropriate amount of rice wine and fish sauce to enhance the flavor

Hakka Stir-fry recipe

12. Put the celery and chili in the pot when the squid is cooked

Hakka Stir-fry recipe

13. Add appropriate amount of light soy sauce, dark soy sauce and salt, stir fry over high heat until the pepper is broken

Hakka Stir-fry recipe


Hakka Stir-fry recipe


1. If there is too much oil when stir-frying pork belly, take some out;
2. People with three highs are not easy to consume too much.


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