Halloween Rice Ball Bento

Halloween Rice Ball Bento

by 姇音

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Halloween is more than a month away. Although I am totally indifferent to the magical horses of Halloween, I still like the atmosphere of foreign countries that are keen on decoration and make-up. It is beautifully made and invites neighbors and children to play and send. Sweetie, I feel so loving. o(*^▽^*)o
The blogs I followed started making all kinds of Halloween lunches since the beginning of the month, so I just followed the trend and made a good one. I have always wanted to be the Batman, and he looks very cute as expected. Skillful mothers can practice early. Making such a rice ball bento on Halloween is really attracting the attention of children!


Halloween Rice Ball Bento

1. Mix the steamed rice and fried cabbage with minced meat evenly, set aside

Halloween Rice Ball Bento recipe

2. Spread a layer of plastic wrap on the triangular rice ball mold, put in the prepared bibimbap, and press it into a rice ball

Halloween Rice Ball Bento recipe

3. Wrap the cooked rice ball with seaweed and hold it tightly

Halloween Rice Ball Bento recipe

4. Prepare a bento box suitable for onigiri, put the prepared main dish and side dishes in boxes, and fill the side dishes as much as possible. Staple food: cabbage and minced rice with rice balls; main dish: corn intestines, steamed mushrooms; side dishes : Crispy sausage flower, broccoli in brine, carrot flower

Halloween Rice Ball Bento recipe

5. Take a piece of seaweed, first cut out bats and stars, and then make the expressions of ghosts, pumpkins and skeletons

Halloween Rice Ball Bento recipe

6. Take cheese slices of two colors, use a knife to draw the outlines of ghosts, pumpkins and skeletons, and then stick the finished bats and stars on the cheese slices to be subdued

Halloween Rice Ball Bento recipe

7. Use a carving knife to cut off the extra cheese slices along the outer edges of the bats and stars, paste expressions on ghosts, pumpkins and skeletons, and use a thin straw to carve out small circles on the cheese slices to make the eyes and eye highlights

Halloween Rice Ball Bento recipe

8. Paste the prepared ghost, pumpkin and skeleton on the prepared seaweed rice ball, and place the bats and stars on the side dishes to complete

Halloween Rice Ball Bento recipe


The bento box should be blanched with boiling water or wiped with vinegar before use. The side dishes should be filled. Learn to fill the gaps with shaped dishes. The selection of cute bento materials can be very random, the main course can also be according to your own preferences, and the side dishes try to find some brightly colored fresh vegetables to match. There is no fixed number of ways, but there is a principle, not soup. It is recommended that the main dish be made with a stronger flavor, and the side dish should be mainly cooked in salt water, so that it is light and nutritious, while maintaining a bright color. You can try to make more small shapes or use a flower knife to change the shape of the ingredients. Place the main dish in the middle when serving, and then fill the gap with the side dish.


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