Hand Cake

Hand Cake

by Little Kitchen

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Shouzhaobing-one of the most common pastry snacks, suitable for Chinese people's taste, is very popular in my house. When making this pastry, you can mix the noodles with cold water or blanch them. If you mix the noodles with cold water, the finished product will be firmer and more elastic, while blanching the noodles is just the opposite. When the pie is just made, it’s best to quickly pat it apart while it’s hot, so that the layer-by-layer effect will appear.


Hand Cake

1. Mix all the flour, salt, lard and cold water, knead until smooth, divide the dough into two parts, smear the surface with salad oil to prevent sticking, let it rest at room temperature for 30 minutes

2. After the relaxation is complete, stretch the dough into a slender dough with your hands, then roll it thin with a rolling pin, brush the salad oil evenly, fold the two sides of the dough, and gently stretch the dough with your hands.

Hand Cake recipe

3. Then slowly roll the dough into a spiral shape, brush a little oil on the surface and relax for 30 minutes

4. After the relaxation is complete, slowly flatten the dough and roll it out

Hand Cake recipe

5. Preheat the electric baking pan (or pan) with oil, put the dough into it, and fry until golden on both sides

6. After taking it out, put it on the absorbent paper and pat it loose with both hands while it is hot.

Hand Cake recipe
Hand Cake recipe


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