Horseshoe Cane Porridge

Horseshoe Cane Porridge

by Purple rhyme

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Horseshoe is also known as water chestnuts, its skin color is purple and black, the meat is white, sweet and juicy, crisp and delicious. It can be eaten raw or cooked. Water chestnuts are cold foods and have good effects of clearing heat and purging fire. It can not only clear away heat and produce fluid, but also supplement nutrition, and is most suitable for patients with fever. It has the effects of cooling blood and detoxification, diuretic and laxative, dispelling dampness and phlegm, eliminating food and bloating.


Horseshoe Cane Porridge

1. Prepare the required materials. (Soak the rice for half an hour in advance)

Horseshoe Cane Porridge recipe

2. Add a small amount of salt and cooking oil to the soaked rice, mix well

Horseshoe Cane Porridge recipe

3. Wash the sugarcane and cut into small pieces

Horseshoe Cane Porridge recipe

4. Divide the sugarcane into four

Horseshoe Cane Porridge recipe

5. Wash the dirt on the surface of the horseshoe and cut it in half

Horseshoe Cane Porridge recipe

6. Put an appropriate amount of water in a clay pot to boil, then add rice and ginger slices

Horseshoe Cane Porridge recipe

7. Add horseshoe

Horseshoe Cane Porridge recipe

8. Add the cut sugar cane

Horseshoe Cane Porridge recipe

9. Then put on the lid and boil on high heat, then turn to low heat for 1 hour

Horseshoe Cane Porridge recipe

10. Finally, add some salt to taste

Horseshoe Cane Porridge recipe


Horseshoes must be cleaned, because there is a lot of dirt on the surface, and they can also be peeled. In the process of cooking the porridge, stir it every 20 minutes to avoid muddy bottom.


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