Sugar Cane recipes

Sugar Cane Red Bean Soup

Sugar Cane, Red Beans, Sugar

Anti-flu Soup

Sugar Cane, Horseshoe, Imperata Root

Cool Duck Flavor Soup

Duck Leg, Duck Heart, Sugar Cane

Hairy Root and Horseshoe Pork Bone Soup

Hair Root, Horseshoe Meat, Sugar Cane

Hawthorn Red Date Apple Soup

Ribs, Hawthorn, Red Dates

Wenbu Lamb Stew (100% without Lamb Smell)

Goat Meat With Skin, Adenophora, Cooking Wine

Sugar Cane and Horseshoe Sweet Soup

Water Chestnuts, Sugar Cane, Crystal Sugar

Sugarcane Sydney Juice

Sugar Cane, Sydney

Horseshoe Cane Porridge

Rice, Sugar Cane, Horseshoe

Cold Winter, Give You A Bowl of Warmth

Sugar Cane, Horseshoe, Ginger

Horseshoe Carrot Sugar Cane Water

Sugar Cane, Carrot, Horseshoe

Ginger and Horseshoe Sugar Cane Water

Sugar Cane, Water Chestnuts, Wolfberry

Sugar Cane Horseshoe Dew

Sugar Cane, Horseshoe, Carrot

Lamb Hot Pot

Lamb, Enoki Mushroom, White Radish

Lamb Stew

Lamb, Horseshoe, Yam

Lamb Hot Pot

Lamb, Sugar Cane, Horseshoe