Hot Noodle Pie

Hot Noodle Pie

by Akai╮(╯▽╰)╭ing (from WeChat.)

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Children like to eat baked or baked foods like pies, so I made pies today. The operation is simple and quick, much faster than making dumplings, and the taste is very good.

Hot Noodle Pie

1. Add cooking wine, soy sauce (color search), and oyster sauce to the meat and mix thoroughly. Then add pepper powder, star anise powder, pepper, salt and light soy sauce, mix well and marinate.

Hot Noodle Pie recipe

2. Cut the ginger and green onions into small pieces and place them on the prepared filling.

Hot Noodle Pie recipe

3. Wash the cabbage and cut into small pieces. (Don't chop it, it's easy to get water)

Hot Noodle Pie recipe

4. Wash the leeks to control the moisture, and cut into small pieces.

Hot Noodle Pie recipe

5. Pick up the pot, add oil and pepper, stir fry for a fragrant flavor, remove the pepper, weigh the heat and pour it into the meat.

Hot Noodle Pie recipe

6. Weigh the heat and mix well, mix well, add egg white and mix well to lock the moisture.

Hot Noodle Pie recipe

7. Add leeks and cabbage and mix thoroughly, and finally add sesame oil and mix thoroughly.

Hot Noodle Pie recipe

8. The tuned filling.

Hot Noodle Pie recipe

9. Boil the noodles with boiling water. When it is not hot, just knead it and knead it smoothly. Cut a piece of noodles and rub the strips, cut into the size you need, roll the skin and add the stuffing to wrap it up.

Hot Noodle Pie recipe

10. Wrapped biscuits.

Hot Noodle Pie recipe

11. Spread a little oil evenly on the pan with kitchen paper, not much. (Friends who like to eat a lot of oil can also add more, the baked cakes with more oil are more delicious and the visual effect is more beautiful)

Hot Noodle Pie recipe

12. Put the biscuits into the pot and fry them with golden brown on both sides. (Cover the quick-cooking process during the baking process)

Hot Noodle Pie recipe

13. Pancake

Hot Noodle Pie recipe


It is necessary to master the heat, not the heat


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