Hot Noodle Scallion Pancake

Hot Noodle Scallion Pancake

by Nine Color Deer

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If you want scallion pancakes to be more delicious, you only need three tricks: first use your own scallion oil, second use hot noodles, and third, make the noodles soft enough. Must try.


Hot Noodle Scallion Pancake

1. Cut the green onion into sections, put the star anise in a frying pan, heat slowly until the green onions turn yellow, and turn off the heat. Take out the green onions and leave the scallion oil for later use. ️

Hot Noodle Scallion Pancake recipe

2. Add all-purpose flour to hot noodles at about 80 degrees, stir first with chopsticks, and then knead the noodles evenly. The kneaded noodles are slightly softer than the dumpling noodles. Cover with a damp cloth and let stand for 1 hour.

Hot Noodle Scallion Pancake recipe

3. Divide the noodles into approximately uniform doses, round them, and roll out the doses on the chopping board to form dough pieces.
Sprinkle the prepared scallion oil on the dough, evenly sprinkle with salt, and evenly sprinkle with chopped green onions.

Hot Noodle Scallion Pancake recipe

4. Circle the dough slices from bottom to top.

Hot Noodle Scallion Pancake recipe

5. Roll horizontally into a circle, flatten and roll into a circle, and the closing can be pressed underneath

Hot Noodle Scallion Pancake recipe

6. The induction cooker is on medium heat.

Hot Noodle Scallion Pancake recipe

7. Add a little edible oil to the pan, put the dough on top and fry it until one side is golden, then turn it over until the other side is golden.

Hot Noodle Scallion Pancake recipe


1. If the water absorption of flour is different, please adjust the water volume according to the water absorption, whichever is the softer dough.
2. I use Midea induction cooker pancakes, the temperature is relatively even. If you use an ordinary stove, it is recommended to use a medium heat.


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