Hot Pot Dip

Hot Pot Dip

by Soft blue crystal

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I especially love hot pot, whether it is summer or winter, of course, eating in summer is too painful, it is simply a sauna, and eating in winter is much more comfortable. My favorite hot pot dipping sauce is sesame sauce. I’m not used to eating anything else, so when I eat hot pot at home, there is only one dipping sauce. It is really delicious with vegetables and lamb!

Hot Pot Dip

1. Pour the tahini sauce into the container first.

Hot Pot Dip recipe

2. Add a small amount of cold boiled water.

Hot Pot Dip recipe

3. Stir continuously in one direction, then continue to add a small amount of cold boiled water, stir again, and repeat.

Hot Pot Dip recipe

4. After mixing the sesame paste, add peanut butter.

Hot Pot Dip recipe

5. According to the above method and evenly, the sauce is slightly thick and flowable, and a small amount of sugar is added.

Hot Pot Dip recipe

6. Add a piece of soy tofu, crush the soy tofu with two spoons, and add some soy tofu juice.

Hot Pot Dip recipe

7. Add leek flowers and mix well.

Hot Pot Dip recipe

8. Add a pinch of salt.

Hot Pot Dip recipe

9. Add MSG.

Hot Pot Dip recipe

10. Finally, pour in sesame oil.

Hot Pot Dip recipe


Sugar and peanut butter can cover the bitter taste of tahini.


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