Spicy Mix

Spicy Mix

by Plums for gourmet

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Spicy mix, I think it is more like an upgraded version of Mala Tang. Overall, the spicy mix is more enjoyable than Mala Tang, and has a heavier taste, especially the full sesame fragrance, every bite is super enjoyable.


Spicy Mix

1. Let's make the soul of the spicy mix first. Prepare some garlic, add more if you like, a spoonful of spicy millet, a spoonful of chopped green onion, a spoonful of chili powder, a spoonful of white sesame seeds, pour in hot oil and mix well

Spicy Mix recipe

2. Two spoons of light soy sauce, one spoon of vinegar, some salt, one spoon of oyster sauce, more sesame sauce, stir well and set aside

Spicy Mix recipe

3. Cut lotus root and potatoes into thin slices, wash off the water starch

Spicy Mix recipe

4. Put it in a pot of boiling water and cook for about a minute, and the potatoes will look transparent.

Spicy Mix recipe

5. After some cold water, the taste will be more crispy

Spicy Mix recipe

6. Put all the remaining side dishes into the pot, the principle is that it is not easy to cook, first go in, and the easy to cook last.

Spicy Mix recipe

7. Then put it in the bowl together, pour the spicy and spicy sauce, stir and stir to start eating

Spicy Mix recipe


The side dishes are like making mala Tang, you can put whatever you like


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