Jelly Soup

Jelly Soup

by Dajun (from WeChat...)

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️A bowl of jelly soup, the taste of childhood in memory. I vaguely remember that every summer, my parents asked for jelly, put cucumber shreds, seasonings, and topped with fresh cool water, even eating and drinking, that's a beauty! I just had a bowl of jelly soup, my mouth and belly said it was beautiful, it was all the taste of my parents!


Jelly Soup

1. Let me tell you how to make jelly. The ratio of mung bean starch to water is 1:4, stir evenly, pour into the pot and heat on low heat.

Jelly Soup recipe

2. Stir continuously until the starch water has all changed color and foamed and boiled.

Jelly Soup recipe

3. Put it out and put it in a container to cool, and place it in the refrigerator for 2 hours.

Jelly Soup recipe

4. Put the jelly slices into the basin.

Jelly Soup recipe

5. Pour in cool boiled water, salt and vinegar light soy sauce, sesame oil, shredded cucumber, minced garlic and chili oil. The various ingredients depend on the amount of jelly.

Jelly Soup recipe


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