Sweet Vinegar recipes


Zhongzhuo Beef Bone Noodle Soup, Pig Hand, Egg

Pork Knuckle Ginger

Ginger, Hard-boiled Eggs, Water

Yuxiang Pork

Lean Meat, Black Fungus, Water-fat Bamboo Shoots

Jelly Soup

Jelly, Soy Sauce, Salt

Cold Potato Chips

Yunnan Red Potatoes, Chili Oil, Shallots

Saliva Chicken

Chicken Leg, Green Onions, Ginger

Phlox Octopus

Hairtail, Oil, Salt

Grilled Octopus with Eryngii Mushrooms

Hairtail, Pleurotus Eryngii, Oil

Delicious Chicken||saliva Chicken

Chicken Leg, Green Onions, Ginger

Spicy Halibut

Flounder, Crayfish Seasoning, Oil

Braised Plaice with Beer

Flounder, Oil, Salt

Tofu Box

Tofu, Pork, Soy Sauce

Black Sesame Sauce Noodles

Sesame, Noodles, Spicy Soy Sauce