Kanto Cooking

Kanto Cooking

by Xiaojun_Joanne

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Oden, also called "boiled point", is a popular hot pot dish in the Kanto region of Japan. Put the ingredients into the broth and simmer over a medium-low heat. The taste is very delicious and unique. Many convenience stores in Japan and Shanghai also sell oden all year round. However, in the Kanto area, the choices of oden soup in different places are different. It can be said that they are radish and green vegetables. They have their own favorites, but most of them are mainly fish-flavored foods. In China, the oden in convenience stores has more Chinese characteristics, such as adding tribute balls.

You can make oden at home. You can make the soup base yourself, or you can choose chicken soup or instant stock. The ingredients are processed one by one, and finally blended in the broth, each with its own flavor.


Kanto Cooking

1. To make Japanese-style broth (juice): Put kelp (35g) and water (1800ml) in a pot, turn on the fire and heat until bubbles begin to appear, adjust to low heat, keep this temperature, and cook for 20 minutes. (Here you can use a thermometer to control the temperature, try to control it between 60-70℃.)

Kanto Cooking recipe

2. Take out the kelp, bring it to a boil, and remove the foam. Then reduce the heat to keep it warm, but don't boil.

Kanto Cooking recipe

3. Add the wooden fish flower and remove the foam.

Kanto Cooking recipe

4. After the foam is cleaned, remove from the fire and let it stand for 15 minutes.

Kanto Cooking recipe

5. Put a kitchen paper towel on the strainer and filter the soup to get the Japanese-style broth. For this oden, I took 600ml of broth.

Kanto Cooking recipe

6. Cut the radish into 3cm thick slices.

Kanto Cooking recipe

7. Put cold water into the pot, boil it, and simmer for 5 minutes.

Kanto Cooking recipe

8. Fried foods such as bamboo wheels and octopus cakes are placed in hot water and boiled for one minute to let the oil go away.

Kanto Cooking recipe

9. Pour the broth, sake, mirin, and soy sauce into the pot and mix evenly. Bring to a boil. Then reduce the heat to keep it warm. Try not to boil as much as possible.

Kanto Cooking recipe

10. Fill the bottom with radish and konjac shreds.

Kanto Cooking recipe

11. Then spread fish-flavored hot pot ingredients.

Kanto Cooking recipe

12. After boiling, turn down the heat to keep warm, cover and cook for 30 minutes.

Kanto Cooking recipe

13. For the last two minutes, add quail eggs. After cooking, turn off the heat, let the soup soak in the soup for 30 minutes, let it taste, and eat after returning to the temperature.

Kanto Cooking recipe


1 The stock can be replaced with instant stock or chicken broth.
2 The soup ingredients can be matched at will. Fish-flavored ingredients are recommended, so that the overall style will be more uniform and the taste will be better.
3 In addition to white radish, vegetables such as potatoes and carrots can also be added, but they need to be boiled for a few minutes in advance to remove their own taste and make them taste better in the broth.
4 The fried ingredients need to be blanched in hot water in advance to remove the oil, so as to ensure that the final soup will not be too greasy and the taste will not be too complicated.
5 In order to make the oden boil more integrated, it is recommended that after cooking, let the soup continue to soak in the soup to add more flavor. If time doesn't allow, there is no problem when it is cooked and eaten directly.


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