Kelp Salad

Kelp Salad

by Woman flower 2607

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Kelp Salad

1. Soak the dried kelp 4 hours in advance and change the water several times. Wash and shred for later use

Kelp Salad recipe

2. Chopped garlic and chili

Kelp Salad recipe

3. Pour appropriate amount of water into the pot, add shredded kelp, ginger slices, a little salt and 2 drops of oil

Kelp Salad recipe

4. After boiling, turn to medium-low heat and cook (about 8 minutes)

Kelp Salad recipe

5. Take out the cooked kelp shreds and rinse with cold water

Kelp Salad recipe

6. Put the garlic and chili crushed, light soy sauce, salt, vinegar and appropriate amount of sesame seeds into a bowl and mix well

Kelp Salad recipe

7. Pour an appropriate amount of rapeseed oil into the pot to heat

Kelp Salad recipe

8. Pour into a bowl with sauce

Kelp Salad recipe

9. Remove the kelp shreds, drain the water, and add the sauce

Kelp Salad recipe

10. Mix well, then

Kelp Salad recipe


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