Soup with Pepper

Soup with Pepper

by Hani 22

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The so-called hot and spicy soup does not refer to the pepper and chili in the soup. In fact, the authentic hot and spicy soup only uses pepper instead of chili. The meaning of hot and spicy soup means "random spicy". That kind of hotness, other explanations are either attached to it or literally justified. After several years of folk processing and development, a kind of Hu spicy soup, which is suitable for northerners’ taste, spicy taste and fragrant soup, was born in Xiaoyao Town. There are several methods of Hu spicy soup in Henan, but my home Hu La Tang is probably close to Xiaoyao Town, so it tastes similar.


Soup with Pepper

1. Prepare the materials

2. Soak day lily and fungus in water

Soup with Pepper recipe

3. Set aside after soaking

4. Soak the sweet potato vermicelli in water to soften

Soup with Pepper recipe

5. Add salt to the flour, add water to form a dough, cover with plastic wrap and let it stand for 20 minutes

6. Then take it out and knead it smoothly, pour in 500 grams of water, excluding the amount of water in the ingredients

Soup with Pepper recipe

7. Knead the dough with both hands

8. Repeatedly until the gluten and flour are washed out

Soup with Pepper recipe

9. Pour 500 grams of water into the pot to boil, tear the gluten into the pot one by one

10. Then add day lily and fungus

Soup with Pepper recipe

11. Add bean curd, beef with sauce, vermicelli

12. Boil under stirring

Soup with Pepper recipe

13. Pour in 200 grams of flour paste and continue to boil

Soup with Pepper recipe

14. Add 1 tablespoon of dark soy sauce, 1 teaspoon of salt, a little five-spice powder, a little thirteen-flavor, a little pepper, a little chicken essence to taste, and stir to boil

Soup with Pepper recipe

15. Finally, the soup can be in this state. Add vinegar and sesame oil when eating.

Soup with Pepper recipe
Soup with Pepper recipe
Soup with Pepper recipe


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