Korean Five-color Mix

Korean Five-color Mix

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Korean food culture is different from Chinese food, which is fried, fried, fried, steamed and stewed. Korean food is mainly boiled and pickled. It pays attention to the nutritional combination of five colors. It looks like simple mixed vegetables or miso soup, but the preparation is very complicated. A mixed vegetable or miso soup requires at least seven or eight kinds of ingredients to be mixed, and the natural red, green, yellow, white and black of all kinds of ingredients are used to conquer the visual first...


Korean Five-color Mix

1. Prepare the ingredients first, soak the fungus in advance

Korean Five-color Mix recipe

2. Wash the spinach, blanch the soup in salted water, and drain the water in cold water for later use

Korean Five-color Mix recipe

3. Vermicelli boiled in water

Korean Five-color Mix recipe

4. After passing cold water, draining, cut into small pieces and put in a container for later use

Korean Five-color Mix recipe

5. Wash the carrots and cut into thin shreds, onions, fungus, and ham, and cut into thin shreds respectively (the amount is in the same proportion, you can choose more or less according to the number of people) lightly white and cut into thin shreds (you can add or not add according to your preference )

Korean Five-color Mix recipe

6. Add proper amount of salad oil to the wok. After the oil is hot, pour shredded carrots, shredded wood ears, and shredded onions into the wok and stir fry until they are broken (don’t fry too soft and affect the taste);
This step is to stir-fry instead of blanching. The original flavor of the ingredients is maximized, and the nutrition is not easy to lose. The stir-fried vegetables are particularly fragrant.

Korean Five-color Mix recipe

7. Stir-fried various shreds and blanched spinach are poured into a basin with vermicelli

Korean Five-color Mix recipe

8. Add appropriate amount of salt, monosodium glutamate, a fresh soy sauce, a little cold vinegar, a little brown sugar (white sugar if not), black pepper, 1 tablespoon of sesame oil to taste, sprinkle with peeled white sesame seeds for garnish (I also added a drop of mustard oil )

Korean Five-color Mix recipe

9. Regarding the amount of seasoning is not fixed, everyone has different tastes, and the number of dishes you make is also different. According to the amount of your own dishes, first slowly add a small amount, taste the taste while adjusting, and then adjust according to your taste;
No matter what the mix is, it’s delicious if it matches your mouth, isn’t it

Korean Five-color Mix recipe


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