Kung Pao Chicken

Kung Pao Chicken

by Michelle jzhzlljyf123

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Kung Pao Chicken can be said to be commonplace in Chinese restaurants of all sizes. When making your own, you must grasp the maturity of the chicken, so that it tastes smooth and tender. Chicken can choose chicken breast or chicken thigh


Kung Pao Chicken

1. Wash the chicken and cut into small pieces

Kung Pao Chicken recipe

2. Add cooking wine, salt, starch and mix well, mix for 10 minutes

Kung Pao Chicken recipe

3. Add oil to the pot, pour in peanuts, fry until no crackling, serve

Kung Pao Chicken recipe

4. Heat the oil in a pan, pour in the chicken breast, fry until it turns white, and serve

Kung Pao Chicken recipe

5. Leave the bottom oil in the pot, add a spoonful of Laoganma chili paste and 3 chopped small chilies, and stir fry for a fragrant flavor

Kung Pao Chicken recipe

6. Stir in the chicken breast and peanuts and stir well

Kung Pao Chicken recipe

7. Add a little water and stir fry the dark soy sauce, and finally add white sugar

Kung Pao Chicken recipe

8. Add chopped green onion and chicken essence before serving

Kung Pao Chicken recipe


Stir-fried chicken can't be long, it will be too old


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