Lame Claypot Rice

Lame Claypot Rice

by Timgao

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Claypot rice is a classic dish in Cantonese cuisine. As people in Guangdong and Guangxi will make bacon in winter, claypot rice is generally eaten after winter. The rice used in claypot rice is very particular. Choosing Thai fragrant rice and braising the rice with the appropriate amount of water ensures the unique chewy texture of claypot rice and the special rice fragrance that can interact with the wax. In terms of cured meat, since the northern region does not have the conditions to make cured meat, it is necessary to choose high-quality cured meat from Guangdong and Guangxi. The aroma of cured meat and sausages blends with the fragrance of Thai fragrant rice. After cooking, mix with the exclusive concoction of claypot juice. The taste is long. "


Lame Claypot Rice

1. Soak the fragrant rice for more than an hour, drain the water and add 1.2 times the water, and boil it until the surface looks like only a little water, then the waxy flavor can be spread...

Lame Claypot Rice recipe

2. Put the lid on and let it sit on medium heat for 5 minutes...

Lame Claypot Rice recipe

3. Put the lard on the side of the pot. This is the key to making the rice crust...

Lame Claypot Rice recipe

4. The rice crust is easy to shovel.

Lame Claypot Rice recipe

5. A pot of claypot rice has reached the peak of life... 😁😁😁

Lame Claypot Rice recipe


The rice will not stick to the bottom of the pot when the water is boiled.


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