Laoganma Biscuit

Laoganma Biscuit

by ┈→べ餹餹

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There was a canteen under the company before, and I would go there for breakfast and lunch. The canteen had sesame seeds made by Lao Ganma, which were so delicious that I fell in love with the taste. Make it at home and want your family to taste it too. Lao Gan Ma is already a world-renowned brand-name product. Everyone likes the spicy and spicy taste. You can eat it with noodles, dipping sauce, and pancakes.


Laoganma Biscuit

1. Add flour and water to make a dough to prepare Laoganma flavored tempeh sauce. To make this cake, you need tempeh sauce to taste delicious.

Laoganma Biscuit recipe

2. Roll the noodles into noodles

Laoganma Biscuit recipe

3. Spread the Laoganma tempeh sauce, so that the noodles are covered with spicy oil, try to put the granulated tempeh in the middle of the noodles, and sprinkle some salt

Laoganma Biscuit recipe

4. Roll up the dough and make it into a pie

Laoganma Biscuit recipe

5. Brush the bottom of the pan with a little oil, put the pancakes in the pan

Laoganma Biscuit recipe

6. Turn it over from time to time, just cooked, the cooked cake is red

Laoganma Biscuit recipe


1. Don't put cooking oil on the noodles, just use Laoganma sauce's own oil to cover the noodles, which is more delicious;
2. The tempeh in the Laoganma sauce should be kept in the middle of the noodles to prevent it from leaking out when making the cake.


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