Leek Box (pancake Version)

Leek Box (pancake Version)

by 緈ed rice bucket

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Leek boxes are often seen in the breakfast in the Northeast, but it takes too much time to make the noodles early in the morning, so use another delicacy "pancake" in the Northeast instead! The simple delicacy was born, crisp on the outside and tender on the inside, really my favorite! Xiao Er "come two pancake boxes, a salted duck egg, and a bowl of millet porridge", breakfast is all alive... let's eat...


Leek Box (pancake Version)

1. Cut tofu into small cubes, mince leeks, stir-fry eggs and dice!

Leek Box (pancake Version) recipe

2. Heat the pan with cold oil, stir-fry the leeks and turn off the heat! (About one minute, mainly to cut the leeks and remove the spiciness)

Leek Box (pancake Version) recipe

3. Put the eggs and tofu into the leeks, add the seasonings and mix well! (There is heat in the pot, so all the seasonings can be tasted in. If you don’t worry, you can heat it for a few seconds!)

Leek Box (pancake Version) recipe

4. The filling is prepared, and serve! (The main reason for the cooked stuffing is that the time we use for the pancakes is very short, which saves time. Even if the stuffing is too much, it is a direct dish!)

Leek Box (pancake Version) recipe

5. Cut the pancake to the right shape, put the filling in, and wrap it up! (If the pancake is a bit hard after being left for a long time, you can put some water on the top first, and put it in the bag, or it will break when it is broken!)

Leek Box (pancake Version) recipe

6. This is a packaged one. Remember that the filling has a relatively high moisture content. Make sure that there are at least two layers on both sides. If you don’t pack more than a few, the first package should already be exposed!

Leek Box (pancake Version) recipe

7. Put a little oil in the pot and place them in order, because the filling is cooked, it will be out of the pot in about one minute on one side!

Leek Box (pancake Version) recipe


The pancake version of the leek box tastes very crisp, mainly because it saves time. You can replace the tofu with bean sprouts or add some dried shrimps according to your own preferences. They are all very good choices!


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